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August 15, 2017 2 min read

"Be a peach and get me a drink!"

In honor of the start of peach month, we are skipping out on giving you just one summer cocktail of the week.  Instead, we are giving you five of the best peachy varieties that you could possibly imagine- and they'll keep you refreshed all summer long!


1. Frozy Navel


Fresh from the genius minds over at Delish, this delightful and delectable cocktail is sort of a mischievous twist on the famous and refreshing orange julius.  With a great blend of peach and orange flavors and a creamy, icy texture, this drink will definitely be one to add to your favorite recipe books!

2. Peach Gin Fuzz

This light and airy blend from Freutcake is the perfect drink for when you are sitting pool or beachside this summer.  While this concoction isn't too heavy or overbearing, it certainly packs a flavor punch and will always leave you wanting more...and more!


3. Bourbon Peach Sweet Tea

Everybody loves a Southern belle.  And the same goes for Southern-inspired cocktails!  This twist on a southern favorite from Home the Toast uses fresh ingredients to create a simple but powerful flavor that has just the right sweetness with a slight twang.  And we promise you that one jar will never be enough!


4. Peach Julep

This cocktail posted by Serious Eats comes straight from the bar of Eastern Standard in Boston and creates a beautiful array of flavors and boozes that truly warm up the drink's strong peach flavor.  Grab your muddler and mixing glass and get to work on this marvelous mix!

5. Raspberry Peach Prosecco Punch

Table for Two does not disappoint with this delicious twist on the flavors of two beloved beverages- classic party punch and mimosas! From the recipe book Generous Table, this drink is one that will keep you refreshed any time of day.  Be sure to make extra because you will want to keep drinking this bright concoction all summer long!

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